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Real Estate Investment Concierge

Owning a property in a foriegn country is rewarding in countless ways, but buying property can be very overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the language, the laws, and the procedures.


Double Double will guide you through the entire process from start to finish, starting with an initial consulation, property search based on your needs and preferences, viewing properties, ensuring the best deal is negotiated to your advantage, and assisting your move in or setup for rentals with a reputable property manager. 

Design and Furnishing 

We offer bespoke design and furnishing services for both personal and rental properties. Our team not only helps you design a space that is uniquely yours but also takes care of the logistical side of furnishing, from sourcing furniture and decor locally within Colombia to coordinating deliveries, installation, and staging.

Our goal is to ensure your place is both visually appealing and functional, increasing your rental revenue by making your property attractive to renters. Whether you want a beautiful space that reflects your personality and lifestyle or a desirable vacation rental, our design team works together with you to elevate your property with a hassle-free experience.

Modern grey modular sofa and neautral toned contempory furniture in apartment wit minimalistic aesthetic and white walls
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