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Double Double | About Us 

We are Alyssa and Alyssa. We live in Cartagena and between us, we have accumulated over 14 years in this beautiful city. During that time, we have learned countless invaluable lessons in regard to real estate, formed trusting relationships with agents and service providers,  and built an impressive reputation as trusted and connected property consultants. 

Portrait of real estate agent sitting in front of blue painted door wearing blue and pink floral dress and smiling

Alyssa Arroyave

Originally from New York, and reborn in Cartagena, Alyssa has a passion for helping people in every aspect of life. She has been involved in real estate in Colombia since 2011, and has gained invaluable knowledge about the property market in Cartagena and built a respected reputation as a passionate real estate investment advisor and expert buying agent. From initial consultation to official signing, Alyssa will put your mind at ease at every turn. Her goal is to secure you the perfect place without having to deal with the typical hassles when purchasing property in Cartagena. .​

Portrait of real estate agent in Cartagena smiling in front of blue painted wooden door with colorful painted halterneck top and sunglasses on head

Alyssa Hiyama

From New Zealand and replanted in Cartagena, Alyssa has an unmatched ability to notice all the finer details. With a creative eye and attention to detail, she creates functional spaces that serve the clients vision and desired environment. She has adapted her skillset in management and strategic thinking to the property design world, providing clients with interior design and project managment services. She will work with your vision to create an attractive space while taking care of all the small details that often get overlooked. 

Very large green banana palm plant growing up the wall of old wall of historic building in courtyard of cafe

Finding you the perfect property, with your vision and our expertise.

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