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About us

We are Alyssa and Alyssa. We live in Cartagena and between us, we have accumulated over 12 years in this beautiful city. During that time, we have learned countless invaluable lessons in regard to purchasing real estate which we are eager to share with you. 

Our story began when Alyssa (not confusing at all) set out to purchase her own property in Cartagena and discovered how foreign the local procedures were. It was challenging to understand market prices and find an agent that wasn't just looking to make a sale. Two years later, we created Double Double.

Our goal is to take away all of the stress and worries, and just allow you to be excited about your new venture of owning property in Cartagena, Colombia.

Double Double Cartagena realtors

Double Double

Cartagena real estate realtor

Alyssa Arroyave

Originally from New York, and reborn in Cartagena, she has a passion for helping people in every aspect of life. Her goal is to find you the perfect place without having to deal with the typical hassles when purchasing a property overseas.​

Cartagena real estate realtor

Alyssa Hiyama

Originally from New Zealand, and replanted in Cartagena, she has an uncanny ability to notice all the finer details. She will put your mind at ease while taking care of all the small details that often get overlooked. 

Cartagena beachfront real estate

Let us find your perfect match. 

We are not your typical realtors.  We are a real estate concierge and take care of you every step of the way.

We are international and we are local. We live in Cartagena and know the city.

We want to give you the best real estate experience so you can just enjoy falling in love with your new property.

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