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"It's ludicrous this place exists and everybody doesn't want to live here" - Anthony bourdain

Cartagena de Indias, a hidden treasure chest of preserved beauty and enchanting history to keep you captivated for infinite time, is one of the most visited and iconic cities in the Americas. People from all over the world come to wander the colorful streets of the Old Town, admire the colonial buildings, soak up the atmosphere, and dive into a gastronomic smorgasbord of flavors. 

The Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is Cartagena's main attraction and one of the finest examples of preserved colonial architecture. It's a maze of colorful streets, filled with beautiful villas, impressive restaurants, boutique hotels, rooftop bars, churches, plazas, palaces, and so much more.

While the city has an undisputed charm, Cartagena is also a coastal destination and has some beautiful beaches. Hop on a boat to visit the Islas de Rosarios off the coast of Cartagena, an archipelago of small paradisical islands, white sand beaches, and crystal clear water. Pick your island and cool off from the Caribbean heat. Enjoy the refreshing breeze, sunbathe, snorkel, dive, and swim to your delight.

From countless rooftop bars to local corner salsa spots, Cartagena comes alive after dark and there are endless ways to spend your evenings. Whether you want a quiet cocktail lounge, a packed discoteca, or a place to dance the night away, Cartagena offers it all. Whatever you do – just dance.

Cartagena old town

Oh, Cartagena.  The city has a charm that can only be felt when you visit and soak up the vibrant atmosphere. An enchanting place that will keep you wanting more. 

And when you decide it's ludicrous this place exists and you don't live here- well, we couldn't agree more! Have a read about Purchasing Property in Cartagena and let us find your dream property in this amazing city!

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